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Appraisal Standards
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Appraisal Standards


Performance Expectation

Performance Standard:
(This expectation is met when:)

Professional Development: Masters new technologies relevant to work. Uses new technologies to create applications.

Should be able to handle increasingly complex/diverse development tasks over the course of the year.

Identifies and takes advantage of at least 2 training opportunities during the year. (Classes, conferences, self-study.)

Participates in at least 80%-90% of internal training sessions, including Coder's Cafes, Code Dojos, etc. Also reads and understands technical information of interest shared by other team members.

Takes advantage of 20% time to expand skills and abilities.

Software Development and Maintenance: Develops high quality software and resolves issues with it when they arise.

Development tickets completed correctly 80%-90% of the time. No more than 10%-20% of submissions to source code repositories should be rejected due to bugs.

Developer prioritizes work well according to agreed-upon standards, which may include management decree, "bounties", and/or project need.

Technical issues are resolved to the satisfaction of clients and users.

Team Contribution: Helps others in development and support to succeed at their work.

Presents a development topic to other team members at least once per year. Shares 4-6 articles of interest with team members during the course of the year.

Actively involved with design discussions (in Tech Time and elsewhere), code reviews, cross-training, and team problem-solving.

Provides timely and thorough responses to questions, concerns or feature requests from support staff and outside customers.

Administrative & Communication: Updates others on progress and issues. Provides input for planning. Raises potential issues early.

Active development ticket status is updated once a week so that others can be apprised of progress.

Active participation in whatever channels are agreed to for team communication. This may include (but is not limited to) daily stand-up meetings, emailed status updates, updates on the Twitter in-out board, or team email lists.

No more than 1-2 incidents per month of missing work without providing advance notice.

Support ITS policies and procedures as needed.